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As a well-established pediatric practice in Carlsbad, we have helped many parents in the area to care for their children over the years and look forward to helping many more in the future. We provide a full range of pediatric services, all of which are delivered by Dr. Anna Lee and our highly experienced clinical staff. We aim to ensure that your children have access to quality medical care throughout their early years, in a friendly and secure environment. We consider pediatric care to be a joint effort between ourselves as medical professionals and you as caring parents.

Meet Our Doctor – Anna E. Lee – Carlsbad Pediatrics

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Dr Anna E. Lee is a certified Carlsbad pediatrician and has spent more than 20 years in private practice. During this time, she spent 8 years working in San Jose, before a 2-year spell in Rhode Island that was due to a career move by her husband, and 7 years in South Orange County, upon her return to Southern California. Since moving from Orange County, Dr. Lee has worked for the past 4 years in North San Diego County as a solo practitioner.

Dr. Lee spent her formative years in Southern California, studying at Occidental College, LA, before completing her medical degree at Rosalind Franklin University & the Chicago Medical School in Chicago, Illinois. Back in California, at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, Dr. Lee trained in pediatric residency and found that she had a natural talent and a genuine love for this area of medicine. Helping parents to raise strong, healthy children is something that she believes is her true vocation. As a firm believer in continuity of care and the benefits of getting to know each patient as an individual person, Dr. Lee exemplifies this approach to medicine in her practice.

In her free time, Dr. Lee likes to enjoy her favorite pastimes, which include cooking, hiking, cycling and bringing up her children: 2 boys, one who is 12 years of age and one who just turned 14.