Providing quality pediatric and adolescent medicine in Oceanside and its surrounding communities.

Dr. Siyi Yung

Dr. Siyi Yung is a pediatrician located in Oceanside, CA. She is originally from the East Coast but relocated to Southern California to be closer to family. Ever since she chose pediatrics as her career path, she has found joy and fulfillment in the practice of primary care medicine. Although she has worked in various different practice settings, from large tertiary care academic hospitals to small federally qualified health centers, her goal is always to provide patients with family-centered, evidence-based, compassionate, and high-quality care no matter what.

Dr. Yung’s clinical interests are in breastfeeding medicine as well as early childhood literacy and development. Her approach in medicine is aimed toward developing meaningful relationships with the patient as well as his/her caregivers and providing longitudinal continuity of care that takes into account each family’s social, emotional, and educational needs, cultural values, and preferences. Her philosophy is that every child needs a village and that as part of that “village” the pediatrician can play a crucial role in equipping each child and family with the tools and knowledge they need to raise healthy, happy adults.

Outside of work, her passion lies in eating, cooking, and watching foreign films. One day she would like to travel to New Zealand.